Heaven and Hell

heaven and hellBy 11 year old Nick Cesarano

One day there was a man.  He was no ordinary man.  He was the most kind and generous person in existence.  One day, God said to one of his angels, “This man… He is so kind, generous, and respectful.  I feel I need to reward him for his good doing.


I want you to grant him one wish, that’s it, just one wish.”  The angel nods and goes to earth.


“You sir.  What is your name?” the angel asks the man.  “My name is John,” says the man, “How may I be of service to you?”  “I am an angel, sent by God, he has noticed how good of a person you are and wants to reward you.  He sent me to grant you one wish,” says the angel, “use it wisely.”


“One wish…” John keeps repeating to himself.  After several minutes, he says, “I wish to see what it is like in Heaven and Hell.”  “Very well, take my hand,” replies the angel.


John takes his hand and they fall into an abyss.  They fall very fast in a pitch-black hole.  They finally stop in an orchard with a table of food in the center and people sitting at it.  “Welcome to Hell!” says the angel.


“This is Hell? But it’s so… peaceful,” says John.  “Or is it?” asks the angel.  They walk up to the table and notice something… these men and women were starving, their stomachs were so small, like they haven’t eaten for days.


“If they’re so hungry, why don’t they feed themselves?” asks John.   “They can’t. Their clothes are made of iron, they can grab the food but cannot pull it toward their mouth to eat it,” says the angel.


They see a man burst into tears.  “But if they’re so hungry, wont they die of starvation?” asks John.  “They are already dead. They cannot die again but only feel the pain of it,” replies the angel. “Now…off to Heaven!”


John takes the angel’s hand and they fly upwards.  Past the clouds. Past the sky itself.  They stop in an orchard with a table of food in the center and people sitting at it.


“But this is the same thing!” says John disappointed. “No it is not,” says the angel. They walk to the table and look at the people, but something was different… these people were…happy and quite plump.


“But…How?” asks John.  “Their clothes may be made of iron, yes, but they will grab the food and feed each other instead of themselves like in Hell,” replies the angel.  John sees some of them telling stories, and some laughing at jokes people made.  With this, John was happy.


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