Startegic Ministry for Strategic Times

chappyby Chaplain Tommy Davis

Every now and then an organization of some sort comes along attempting to address the needs of the community. While many of these efforts are well intended, they prove ineffective in dealing with the cultural calamities of our time.

In the wake of recent traumatic events, and the repeat of gun violence in the inner city of Rochester, organizations appear time after time unable to respond to the psychological/spiritual needs of those involved. Our chaplains sprang from a variety of denominations with a passion to demonstrate truth through service. It is important for organizations to work collaboratively in an effort to contribute to a better society. Evangelistically, telling people about Jesus one-by-one is still effective.

Recognizing the need to strengthen the efforts of other missions and churches within Monroe County, the corps brings a new emphasis to area vocations by operating in conjunction with non-profits, law enforcement agencies, and businesses from the perspective of a religious objective.         Similar to the United States Marine Corps that combines air, ground, and marine combat units to carry out a combination of exercises with other branches of the military, our chaplain corps strategically functions along these lines by providing frontline resources extending into unchartered territories in an effort to spread God’s grace.

We also increase community participation relative to crime prevention, and work with law enforcement agencies to create an atmosphere counterproductive to illegal activity.P1020186

Since our inception in 2012 we have helped homicide investigators solve crimes, we have facilitated the safe surrender of fugitives, and we have helped families obtain affordable funeral services.

Our community chaplains help build and maintain relationships with our first responders (including police) and engage their spiritual needs as well. This results in multiple salvation experiences with new members added to our partner churches.

Consequently, our duty is also to promote and contribute to healthy solutions which include seeking redemptive qualities in offenders that are prevented from further offending. We understand the risks involved; and considering all of these, we are reminded of the Scripture that asks, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?   As it is written, ‘For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter’ (Romans 8:35-36).

Our mission is no different from any other missionaries in times past that put their lives on the line to abolish slavery, segregation, and to bring the Gospel to new lands.

It is helpful for me to highlight the term “famine” mentioned in the above Scripture passage. It simply means a lack of economic resources. This is why we depend on God to provide the funds necessary to maintain this form of service.

Realizing that government bureaucracy may attempt to hinder this work due to our strategic purpose to bring the Gospel of Christ to a hurting world, we depend on donations from those we serve whether it’s counseling at crime scenes, visiting distraught employees on behalf of businesses and schools, providing courtesy shuttles on behalf of first responders, or performing funerals; our total aim is to be a witness for Christ through SERVICE.

We are not interested in the latest psychological tricks dished out along-side a watered down gospel. We rely on the force of the gospel rather the latest persuasion. This is why the Flower City Chaplain Corps was chartered as a distinct organization divorced from government management. Community chaplains act as conduits of care between the church and those in the community.

I trust that we have provided you with enough information about our mission that would prompt you to invite us to give you a personal presentation that may lead to your taking part in this ministry.

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