Clergy On Patrol

Just recently our chaplains were out participating in the Clergy On Patrol program initiated by the mayor. Our Unit Ministry Teams (UMT) consist of highly skilled chaplains capable of effectively engaging every segment of the community.  Part of the mission of the Flower City Chaplain Corps is to increase community participation relative to crime prevention, and work with law enforcement agencies to create an atmosphere counterproductive to illegal activity.  This will also allow our chaplains to build and maintain relationships with our first responders and engage their spiritual needs as well.

Our bottom line is soul winning.  But we are aware that we have to put in the work of building relationships in order to get the opportunity to share the message of God’s grace.   John Jay, ORIGINAL CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE U.S. SUPREME COURT, wrote, “All that the best men can do is to persevere in doing their duty . . . and leave the consequences to Him who made it their duty, being neither elated by success (however great) nor discouraged by disappointment (however frequent and mortifying). ”

As a 501 C (3) (tax exempt) non-profit  Public Charity we rely on the generous fiscal gifts of the community who trust in our service.  We ask your prayers and possible generosity when you consider your charitable giving. We appreciate you!

clergy on patrol


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