An Examination of Lives that Supposed to Matter

by Tommy Davis Once again, and far too often, the Rochester community is displaying an expressive reaction in response to the persistent violence in our city. Young black men are settling disputes by fatally reducing their opposition. Politicians and religious representatives are blaming poverty in an effort to rationalize why violence is so common among […]

Clergy On Patrol

Just recently our chaplains were out participating in the Clergy On Patrol program initiated by the mayor. Our Unit Ministry Teams (UMT) consist of highly skilled chaplains capable of effectively engaging every segment of the community.  Part of the mission of the Flower City Chaplain Corps is to increase community participation relative to crime prevention, […]

June 2015 Chaplain Corps Graduation

Congratulations  Alisa DiMora and Ayesha Kreutz for completing nine weeks of training becoming a certified chaplain!

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day the ministry would also like to pay great tribute to the patriots who gave their lives in the American Revolution. There would have been no Civil War or any other American war without this fight.  Within the text of the Declaration of Independence, it says, “…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive…, it […]

Saint Patrick

by Tommy Davis Upon entering graduate school at Tennessee Temple University, I would learn some interesting things relative to some of our historic figures.  Saint Patrick’s Day is upon us, and I deem it necessary to highlight the reason for his influence.  Like many in our day, I had no idea how much of a saint he […]

Valentine’s Day Message

by Tommy Davis We have come to symbolically associate the heart with the center of our emotions.  In both the ancient Hebrew and Greek cultures the word “heart” came to mean “that which is central.” This small pumping machine, about the size of one’s fist, beats about 70 times a minute, and 4200 times an hour. […]

First Class Graduation 2014

Congrats to our newest Flower City Chaplains: Tiffiney Taylor-Carter, John McAfee, and David Lopez! They received their certifications and was added to our Unit Ministry Team (UMT). After completing the eight week academy they were officially certified with the unit. When you encounter a Flower City Chaplain in the community please let us know how […]

Flower City Chaplain Corps Fall 2014 Newsletter

flower city introductory newsletter 2014 (2)

Startegic Ministry for Strategic Times

by Chaplain Tommy Davis Every now and then an organization of some sort comes along attempting to address the needs of the community. While many of these efforts are well intended, they prove ineffective in dealing with the cultural calamities of our time. In the wake of recent traumatic events, and the repeat of gun […]

Chaplains On A Mission

by Providence Crowder As a Flower City Chaplain, I have seen first-hand the devastating implications of our society’s declining morals and values on individuals, families, and communities. One does not have to look far to see the impact that current happenings, such as mass unemployment and economic uncertainty, the breakdown of the family unit, civil […]