Tell the Truth – The Whole Gospel to the Whole Person by Whole People

Book Review by Tommy Davis PURPOSE “Tell the Truth – The Whole Gospel to the Whole Person by Whole People”, by Will Metzer is an outstanding book that brings into perspective the art of evangelism. Often we adopt mechanical methods to evangelism that remove personal emphasis in our attempt to introduce Christ to non-believers. Techniques […]

How Beautiful Are the Feet of Those That Preach the Gospel of Peace

by Chaplain Tommy Davis I was invited to participate in a community prayer walk in an effort to show some form of support in the protest against violence within the community.  Our city had just experienced six homicides in a two week period.  Having never partaken in a prayer walk I decided to go along.  […]

The Right Way to Fight Crime

 by Tommy Davis Email: Every year in the City of Rochester, the warmer months somehow triggers a spike in violent crime.  This seems to be the pattern; and if we are honest with ourselves, violence is normally anticipated.  The community often sends mixed messages when law enforcement increases efforts to combat vice within our neighborhoods.  […]

Crisis Intervention: A Biblical Perspective

by Chaplain Tommy Davis One of our chaplains, Rev. Donald Stevens, was recently commended for a job well done relative to an officer involved shooting.  There was an exchange of gunfire between Rochester Police Officers and a wanted suspect. The suspect was wanted for a double homicide that occurred a few days earlier.  The officer […]

Book Review: God and Government, A Biblical and Historical Study

By Tommy Davis The publication, “God and Government, A Biblical and Historical Study”, by Gary DeMar is a demonstration of contemporary scholarship in regards to documenting the rich history of America from a biblical worldview.  At a time when liberals are rewriting the past in an attempt to control the present and the future, this […]

“Rod of the Spirit” Book Review

PURPOSE “Rod of the Spirit” is an excellent book that brings into perspective the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Danny Lovett, past president of Tennessee Temple University, steps onto pathways rarely undertaken by Baptists, and balances issues relative to the Holy Spirit taken to the extreme by charismatics. This book has encouragingly impacted my life while […]

Chaplains On A Mission

by Deputy Chief Chaplain Providence Crowder As a Flower City Chaplain, I have seen first-hand the devastating implications of our society’s declining morals and values on individuals, families, and communities.  One does not have to look far to see the impact that current happenings, such as mass unemployment and economic uncertainty, the breakdown of the […]

Fugitive Safe Surrender

The Flower City Chaplain Corps will also participate in a permanent fugitive safe surrender program. Offenders can surrender themselves in the presence of a chaplain. This creates a less hostile position for law enforcement and the offender.

“Middle East Meltdown” Book Review by Tommy Davis

Middle East Meltdown – Oil, Israel, and the Religion Behind the Crisis by John Ankerberg and Dillon Burroughs is a fine example of end times prophecy scholarship without the speculative falsehoods that exist in many prophecy writings today.  In a time where the Bible continues to be a tool used by false teachers to promote […]

Economics from A Biblical Perspective

by Tommy Davis When most people think of economics, they assume the Bible has little to say about it.  Truth would have it that economic terms are woven throughout Scripture.  The term “economics” stems from a Greek expression which literally means “house management.”   Thus, the usage of the word “economics” describes the fiscal management of […]